Care recipient (cr) does not remember how long perishable foods have been in the refrigerator caregiver (cg) is concerned that the food may spoil and result in a food safety issue

Try: Encourage the cr to use the following procedures put the thermometer in the refrigerator and adjust the refrigerator setting to maintain temperature at or below 40 degrees fahrenheit make sure the containers have tight fitting lids when storing foods use the labels pen or marker and tape to identify what food is in the container or bag the date the food was prepared or bought the following is a guide to help the cr keep food from spoiling fresh ground meat stew meat poultry fish and raw sausage 1-2 days fresh meat steaks chops and roasts 3-5 days bacon and smoked sausage 7 days fully cooked slices of ham 3-4 days leftovers 4 days fresh in shell eggs 3-5 weeks keep yourself and others free of food bourne illness when in doubt throw it out

Materials: Thermometer pen or marker food storage containers or bags larger self-adhesive labels that the cr can read tape

Categories: Maintenance, Medical Physical, Personal

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References: Adapted from www foodsafety gov and cdc foodsafety

Keywords: Leftovers food storage food spoilage food expiration dates

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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