Care recipient (cr) doesn’t eat much fruit due to difficulty chewing it

Try: Many crs have an aversion to specific foods due to limitations and obstacles try making a smoothie to overcome the cr’s obstacle of chewing whole fruit gather together the blender and all of the ingredients don’t be afraid to be creative try different combinations such as vanilla yogurt blueberries and mango orange juice strawberry yogurt with bananas and cranberry juice peach yogurt with canned fruit cocktail the possibilities are endless ask the cr to choose the combination of ingredients for the smoothie open an eight ounce container of yogurt and dump the contents into a blender use the yogurt container as a measuring cup fill the container to the top with frozen fruit and add to the blender the frozen fruit will make a nice cold drink for the cr fill the yogurt container half full with fruit juice and add to the blender if you don’t have any frozen fruit on hand omit the above step using frozen fruit and fruit juice instead use canned fruit and its juice to fill the yogurt container to the top add this to the blender along with a few ice cubes place the lid on the blender and turn it on to liquefy pour into a tall glass or cup for the cr to enjoy additional suggestion if the cr could benefit from the nutrients in fresh spinach but does not like the taste try adding small amounts of chopped spinach to the smoothie the cr will not be able to taste the spinach but will still receive the benefits

Materials: Blender ingredients for the smoothie such as yogurt fruit juice fruit fresh frozen or canned ice drinking glass or cup

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