Care recipient (cr) and helpers have trouble sorting dirty laundry properly before doing laundry leading to clothes getting shrunk and discolored in the washer and dryer

Try: #buy a laundry basket for each of the types of laundry loads usually done in the cr’s home for example permanent press dark gentle whites dry clean #use the paper and the marker to make a label for each laundry basket reserving one basket for each of the types of laundry loads usually done #tape the labels to the baskets #show the cr and the caregiver where the settings for each kind of load are located on the washing machine and dryer #if necessary or helpful buy different colored baskets and different colored marking pens in matching colors one for each kind of laundry load put an ink dot in the clothing tag of each item of clothing in a color that matches the laundry basket associated with a particular kind of clothing for example yellow for gentle green for darks red for permanent press blue for whites match the ink mark on the clothing tag to the basket the article will go in before washing #if you make a color key for laundry post the code in a very visible spot near the laundry baskets

Materials: Several laundry baskets permanent ink marker paper masking or duct tape interactive caregiver

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