A Care recipient (cr) with limited endurance finds it tiring to make several trips between a kitchen and dining room to set a table

Try: #use a tray to increase the number of things that can be carried in a single trip from one room to another #don’t overload the tray with more items or more weight than what can easily be managed #never waste a trip before bringing the dessert course in carry the dishes from the last course out #if the cr often forgets items needed on the table and has to get up repeatedly to get them consider making a checklist of things that always go on the tray make a checklist for each meal a personalized list might include such things as plate with food hot drink cold drink creamer sweetener packets salt and pepper shakers silverware napkin condiments toothpicks serving ware and utensils matches straw and pillbox

Materials: Sturdy lightweight tray apron or smock with pockets list if helpful

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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