Care recipient (cr) sometimes has aggressive outbursts

Try: Try to anticipate situations in which cr may be uncomfortable over stimulated or confused try to avoid asking too many questions at once giving overly complicated instructions and speaking negatively that way you are less likely to confuse and agitate cr try to limit the amount of loud noises frenetic movement and clutter try to avoid contradiction for example the cr sees a different reality than you do rather than challenge that reality sit and listen ask questions about it try to focus on the past for example cr’s short-term memory may be affected so it’s often easier and less stressful for cr to recall and talk about distant memories than it is for him her to remember what he she watched on tv the night before try using memory cues for example cr may have a hard time remembering to do and how to do everyday tasks like brushing his her teeth or getting dressed becomes more difficult reminder notes placed in key locations can help prevent cr from getting so frustrated

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References: Adapted from www webmd com alzheimer’s aggression by jon glass 2012

Keywords: Aggressive aggression frustrated frustration angry and upset outbursts memory loss remember remembering

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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