The Care recipient (cr) gets a lot of financial information in the mail like banking and investment statements

Try: Never send cash or coins in the mail use checks or money orders remove mail from the mailbox as soon as it is delivered especially if checks credit cards or other important financial

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Information: Is expected if the cr won’t be home when the items are expected ask a trusted friend or neighbor to pick up the cr’s mail have the local post office hold the cr’s mail when the cr is on vacation or away from home for a long time if the cr doesn’t receive a check or other valuable mail he she is expecting contact the business and ask if it has been mailed out yet if the cr moves immediately notify the post office and any organization the cr does business with like banks investment firms and attorneys always put mail to be delivered in a mail slot at the local post office or hand it to the mail carrier consider starting a neighborhood watch program exchange work and vacation schedules with trusted friends and neighbors and watch each other other’s mailboxes as well as homes if the cr sees a mail thief at work or at home call the local police immediately and then call the u s postal inspection service at 877-876-2455 information

References: U s postal inspection service how to protect against thieves available at

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