Save money by using common household items to make highly effective cold packs that drape well around any body part

Try: #to make your own ice slush pour three cups of water and one cup of rubbing alcohol into the gallon-size freezer bag seal the bag and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours the contents will become a slushy icy mixture and the bag will make a great cold pack #for safety safety’s sake use the permanent marker to note on the bag what the contents are and that they are poisonous #alternatively use a bag of frozen peas as a cold pack remove the pack from the freezer and rub the bag gently between your hands to separate the peas from one another before applying the bag as an ice pack if you keep the peas out of the freezer long enough for them to defrost do not refreeze them #never place a cold pack directly on bare skin place the towel between the ice pack and the skin leave the pack in place for ten to twenty minutes checking the skin skin’s appearance every five minutes or so remove the pack if the skin takes on an unusual color becomes paler than usual or reddens

Materials: Bag of frozen peas gallon-size freezer bag with zipper rubbing alcohol water permanent marker towel

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