caregiver (cg) thinks something is odd about care recipient’s cr finances but isn’t sure if something is wrong

Try: Cg should be suspicious of financial abuse if he notices cr seems confused and executes a power of attorney cr’s bank activity is erratic unusual or not characteristic of the cr such as unusual withdrawals cr’s bank activity is inconsistent with the cr’s ability e g the atm card has been used when the cr is housebound there are changes in the cr’s property titles will or other documents particularly if the cr is confused and or the documents favor new acquaintances cg notices forged or suspicious signature on cr’s financial legal documents the cr doesn’t have necessities or amenities when he can afford them cr has recent new acquaintances particularly those who move in with the cr there is suspicious activity on cr’s credit card accounts or other financial accounts cr brings strangers with him to meetings or while he is conducting financial transactions cr doesn’t receive services that he has paid for cr starts behaving like a hoarder and carries all of his financial legal papers in large bags all the time

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References: Adapted from financial abuse of the elderly risk factors screening techniques and remedies by lori a stiegel bifocal vol 23 no 4 summer issue 2002

Keywords: Finances legal abuse hoarding

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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