Care recipient (cr) is vulnerable to scams related to living trusts

Try: Encourage the cr to implement the following recommendations if the cr is incapable of doing this you may need to do it for him or her research estate planning laws in your area seek guidance from a reputable attorney or reliable resources as necessary be aware of sales people internet ads direct mail newspaper ads etc that use mis

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Information: To make a sale to the elderly concerning living trusts and wills be on alert for sales people who use scare tactics by telling the consumer that a regular will won’t protect their assets and that only a living trust offers the protection that you need only act on advice concerning wills and trusts from a reputable attorney specializing in estate planning information

References: Adapted from information found in the book caring for an aging parent by sheryl garret cfp

Keywords: Living will living trust legal issues estate planning

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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