Loss of coordination may lead to trouble eating and drinking with regular plates cups and cutlery

Try: Serve each course by itself so Care recipient (cr) isn’t overwhelmed by the whole meal at once use the divided dinner plate to portion out reasonable amounts of food the cr can use the side of utensils to push food against the dividers moving food onto the utensils respect the dignity of the cr by avoiding divided plates designed for children place a piece of rubber shelf lining under the plate to keep it from sliding out of reach or dropping to the floor use the sport cup and straw to serve lukewarm soup as well as liquids only do this if the cr is able to swallow normally if the cr has trouble holding eating utensils make a slit in the tennis ball with the screwdriver and insert the handle of the utensil into the ball the wide ball may be easier for the cr to grasp than a narrow utensil handle

Materials: Divided dinner plate sport cup with straw rubbery shelf lining material tennis ball flathead screwdriver

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