Problems with balance vision and weakness can affect ability to climb stairs

Try: If not already in place install one or two sturdy secure handrails on the staircase make sure the addition of the rail does not narrow the stairway so much that there isn’t enough room to freely use the staircase place a 6 – 12 strip of colored tape on the edge of each step to highlight each stair to prevent tripping make sure the tape will hold fast to the step surface don’t do this on carpeted stairs hold on to rails while climbing if only one rail is available try placing both hands on the one rail and facing it step up with the stronger leg or the one with less pain lift the foot to the higher step placing it deep enough on the step to prevent it from slipping off put weight on the higher leg and bring up the other one if it is hard to clear the step with the second leg try hiking that hip and bending the toes while trying to clear the step

Materials: Bright-colored tape handrails and tools to install them

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