Poor balance while walking may lead to falls and injury

Try: If a Care recipient (cr) with poor balance doesn’t use a walker or cane correctly or often try these seek more training from the doctor physical therapist or medical supply agent in walking with a walker or cane remind the cr to use the cane or walker even in the house a cr may have trouble using a walker in doorways and halls measure the walker’s width at its widest point and measure the inside of doorways at the narrowest points widen doorways by removing inside trim consider mounting grab bars in the bathroom to aid balance while toileting or bathing measure the width of hallways before mounting handrails in them and consider the width that will be lost if a handrail is added if handrails are added make sure their distance from walls won’t let a cr’s hand or arm lodge between the wall and the rail if the cr slips

Materials: Handrails grab bars walker or cane

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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