Many caregivers will encounter end-of-life caregiving with a Care recipient (cr) although difficult with proper understanding this type of caregiving is possible part of late stage caregiving is to know the cr’s wishes and plans when everyone is clear about the cr’s preferences for treatment in the final stages of life it is easier to focus on treatment and relief the following are tips for successful end-of-life caregiving

Try: Have the cr prepare early the end-of-life care experience is eased considerably when conversations regarding placement treatment and end-of-life wishes are held as early as possible have the cr consider options well before they are needed seek financial and legal advice while the cr can still participate legal documents can set forth the cr’s wishes for future health care so everyone is clear about wishes focus on the cr’s values if the cr did not prepare documents in advance try to focus on what the cr would have preferred think of conversations and events that illustrate the cr’s views towards care avoid family conflicts stress and grief resulting from the cr’s failing health can often create conflict between family members try to seek outside help if family disagrees over important decisions communicate with family members family input is critical when the cr is unable to make decisions if possible choose a primary decision maker who will manage

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