Male care recipients crs with urinary incontinence may be embarrassed by urine spots or stains on the front of pants

Try: #dribbling of urine after main urination stream is finished can lead to embarrassing spots and odors on clothes when this occurs repeatedly it may be time to add new things to the routine of urinating #after the urine stream seems complete wait a little bit before zipping up a few drops more may come within a minute #after finishing dry the penis with toilet paper to soak up drops that puddle at the tip of the penis due to weak stream this may also allow a little extra time for any additional drops to show up #wear darker pants when going out as they may be less revealing of spots #if urinary incontinence is significant consider using adult disposable underwear or an insertable pad in a waterproof liner there are many discreet products specifically for men sold directly from companies that sell some of their products in drug stores take the web site address or telephone number from a store product and contact the company for a consultation #if incontinence is linked to a medical condition being treated by a diuretic water pill talk to the doctor about the safety of changing the time you take the pill on days when outings are planned #be very careful about limiting fluid intake as dehydration poses a serious risk to seniors

Materials: Toilet paper waterproof underwear and or pads re-thinking urination process

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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