Holiday gatherings with families are stressful for both the caregiver (cg) and Care recipient (cr)

Try: The holidays often include too much of everything activities special events family gatherings parties people food gift buying travel and so on family members often feel obligated to get everyone together and visit with the cr on the major holidays thanksgiving christmas etc and often make a big production out of it try to simplify the holiday visits the simpler the better try celebrating holidays throughout the year and not just on the major holidays and birthdays ask each family member to take a certain month or months and plan a small visit with the cr at that time it is less confusing to have a few people come with a few gifts rather than a big crowd celebrate the lesser holidays such as flag day if gifts are a must choose simple everyday gifts that will last such as a magazine subscription a gift certificate to a video rental store lotions bubble bath and so on consider getting a carry out pizza chinese food etc rather than taking the cr out to a noisy restaurant

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