Female Care recipient (cr) feels neglected and unimportant

Try: #put the name of the cr on the make-up bag with the permanent marker let her know that the bag and its contents are hers and hers alone giving her a special bag as well as special manicure time may help her feel special #have her sit in a chair and relax #put lotion on her hands and massage it in #while you are giving her a manicure engage in pleasant conversation with her #when you are done with the massage trim her nails and smooth them with the nail file #show her the variety of colored nail polishes and have her pick one out if she is able #compliment her color choice as you apply it to her nails let her know how pretty her nails look

Materials: Variety of different colored nail polishes hand lotion nail clippers nail file nail polish remover brightly colored make-up bag permanent marker cotton balls

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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