Elder abuse can be prevented or reduced if the Care recipient (cr) and caregiver remain vigilant the following are tips for avoiding scams targeted towards the elderly

Try: If someone calls selling something e g a telemarketer don’t be afraid to hang up on them stay away from deals that sound too good to be true beware of deals that ask for a lot of money up front and promise sure success don’t be taken in by miracle cures for health problems do not agree to send money at the request of a telephone solicitor here are some examples of common scams bogus charities – the cr is approached either at the door or by telephone with a request to donate to a legitimate sounding charity be very wary of such calls many so-called charities are bogus and the money is diverted directly into the pockets of the crooks home improvement scams – the cr is approached normally by at least two individuals posing as contractors the unsuspecting victim is persuaded that a roof driveway or home needs repairs the strangers pretend to carry out the work which is in fact shoddy and almost worthless thefts from within the home – the cr is approached at the door by at least two individuals who use a ruse to enter the senior senior’s home such ruses are a request to use the telephone or to get a glass of water once inside one of the individuals will keep the cr occupied while the other individual rummages through the cr cr’s personal belongings and steals cash and jewelry bank investigator scheme – the cr is contacted outside their bank or by telephone by a stranger who identifies himself as a member of law enforcement the stranger asks for the cr cr’s help in catching a dishonest bank employee the cr is persuaded to go inside the bank to a particular teller window and withdraw a large sum of cash and then meet the official outside once the cr hands over the cash the stranger disappears with the money sweepstakes scam – the cr receives a call either from canada or from another part of the usa the caller explains that the cr has won a substantial prize but to collect that price the senior must first send a money order for up to 4 000 by express mail

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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