caregiver (cg) has trouble getting the Care recipient (cr) to take a bath or shower

Try: Try to find out what the cr cr’s normal bathing habits were for example did the cr bathe in the morning or at night try to stick to that routine as much as possible cover up the mirror the cr may think it is a window and people could be looking in make bathing fun for the cr for example rinse the cr off with a watering can give the cr a doll to bathe while you give him or her a bath or shower hang pictures in the bathroom of children bathing and having a good time for example splashing around playing with rubber ducks and so on place colored towels on the edge of the tub so the cr can see it clearly this will help provide a bright cheery environment use soft washcloths and towels because older skin is more sensitive this will also make bathing a more pleasant experience pat the cr dry rather than rub

Materials: Tape and some material to cover up the mirror watering can pictures of children bathing and having a good time colored towels soft washcloths and towels

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