Care recipient is agitated and irritated

Try: Do not try to restrain the cr when agitated if a specific incident has caused the agitation distract the cr with a snack or game to take the mind off the cause limit caffeine sugar and junk food keep noise and clutter to a minimum allow only a few people in the same room with the cr stick to a routine for example bathe and serve meals at the same time every day keep familiar objects furniture and pictures around as much as possible even if the cr is no longer in his or her own home familiar objects often bring a sense of comfort play quiet music read out loud in a quiet voice and speak in a calm voice allow the cr to do as much for his or herself as possible loss of control often triggers problem behavior keep dangerous objects such as scissors knives letter openers and matches out of reach

Materials: Familiar objects and photos quiet music or books snacks puzzles and art projects

Categories: Emotional Psychological

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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