Care recipient (cr) wanders outside

Try: Address potential triggers offer cr a snack a glass of water or use of the bathroom encourage physical activity to curb restlessness and promote better sleep if you think cr is looking for something familiar provide a family photo album or share favorite memories provide visual cues cr may have forgotten where he she is even inside his her own homes it might help to post descriptive signs on the doors to various rooms such as the bathroom bedroom and kitchen encourage cr to explore his her immediate environment as often as necessary plan activities and other distractions if cr tends to wander at the same time every day a planned activity at that hour could stem the wandering it might be as simple as asking cr to fold a basket of towels or put place mats on the table for dinner if wandering outdoors is an issue try storing coats boots and keys out of sight

Materials: Descriptive signs

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References: Adapted from www mayoclinic comalzheimer comalzheimer’s understand and control wandering by staff writer 2010

Keywords: Wandering wanders distracted distractions forgets forgetfulness memory loss

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