Care recipient (cr) needs ways to manage his her pain

Try: Try suggesting that cr try to distract him herself from the pain by doing such things as watching tv going to a movie getting together with a friend listening to music or meditating — can help manage pain suggest that cr try doing some relaxation techniques to reduce stress and relax muscles try applying heat and or cold to the painful area s heat can relax the muscles while cold can numb them — can interrupt pain suggest that cr join a local or online support group which can enable cr to feel less alone and share coping strategies suggest that cr try exercise exercise releases endorphins which enhance a self of well-being improves blood and oxygen flow to muscles and helps them relax make sure cr is getting enough sleep — people who don’t sleep well tense up increasing pain — so sleeping well reduces pain suggest that cr try yoga yoga can help relax muscles but must be done carefully so as not to aggravate cr’s situation suggest that cr try tai chi — a series of gentle movements during which cr focuses on movement and breathing producing a state of relaxation and calm — can reduce stress and pain

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