Care recipient (cr) needs to be encouraged to perform fun brain-stimulating activities

Try: Write favorite recipes on cards and share them with others read books magazines newspapers do puzzles jigsaw crossword try artwork calligraphy painting or drawing write or record memoirs poetry thoughts keep a joke book care for pets or plants listen to soothing music

Materials: Pen and paper recipe cards books magazines newspapers puzzles jigsaw crossword artwork supplies for doing calligraphy painting drawing bound book of blank paper soothing music

Categories: Sage, Topic, Emotional Psychological, Personal, Social

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References: caregiver’s handbook by the caregiver education and support services seniors counseling and training case management services of the san diego county mental health services no date available at www acsu buffalo edu

Keywords: Fun activities bored hobbies socializing volunteering

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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