Care recipient (cr) needs help feeling more relaxed

Try: Suggest that cr sit or lie down in a comfortable position and close his her eyes allow the mind to drift a few seconds go with it wherever it goes wiggle fingers and toes then hands and feet ankles and wrists loosen tight clothes belts ties sway head from side to side gently gently now cr has prepared him herself to relax physically and psychologically now concentrate still with eyes closed on some one pleasant thing cr really wants to think about; maybe it is a place cr has visited in the past or his her dream place of his her own imagination it might be the seashore or high on a hill or in a field of grass and flowers become totally immersed in the place smell the smells cr can best remember see the sights it offers hear the sounds feel it whether it be water or sand or soil or snow fully realize this place or situation cr is in if it is on the sandy beach sift fingers through the warm sand and smell it hold the sand to the cheek smell the salt of the sea search the skyline for gulls and terns and low clouds in the distance the body is totally weightless cr is totally in control of this scene it is so relaxing and pleasant and beautiful cr is breathing slowly peacefully this is cr’s place and no one can take it from him her after cr hs sufficiently experienced his her peaceful imaging whenever cr has a chance suggest he she eturn to his her special place close eyes again tune in relive those these special few moments in the world of cr’s choosing where everything is perfect and everything is cr’s this relaxation exercise can benefit cr all day check the local library or book store for books audio tapes videotapes or films on relaxing and managing stress

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References: caregiver’s handbook by the caregiver education and support services seniors counseling and training case management services of the san diego county mental health services no date available at www acsu buffalo edu

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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