Care recipient (cr) is socially withdrawn does not have many visitors or take part in activities that might be relaxing and entertaining

Try: #gather

Materials: Calendar with large boxes pen newspaper newsletters bulletins community calendars etc

Categories: Emotional Psychological, Social, Mobility, Needs Some Assistance, Independence, Some Supervision

Information: About upcoming community activities by collecting or clipping items from local and area newspapers bulletins of worship centers and social service agencies community calendars put out by area chambers of commerce or convention and visitors bureaus regular social events for seniors are often published in area newspapers or the bulletins of senior service centers and may include coffee clubs card games daytime excursions exercise classes etc bundle the material or make a list of the available activities that presents them simply if this would help the cr #sit with the cr and review the list of social opportunities as you go down the list ask if the cr likes cards or movies or might like trying the coffee club encourage the cr by noting the ones you yourself would like to try #if the cr is nervous about going alone to a new group plan on attending the couple with the cr you can call the host or organizer and find out in advance if this is possible #focus on activities that are done in smaller groups such as cards #once the activities are picked out write them on the calendar try to pick out a month’s worth of activities at a time #each week talk about any activity planned for the next few days assure the cr if necessary that you will be at the activity with him or her #do not force the cr to attend the activities it is common for a cr to make several efforts before actually attending #if it will encourage attendance let the cr know that he or she can leave the activity if it is uncomfortable make a plan with the cr for how leaving early will be handled however focus on the positive your hope that the cr will enjoy the activity and the people #praise the cr for attending activities for any length of time in a sincere way for example i admire you for trying something new that took courage #if something doesn’t work out consider ways participation could be made more comfortable and discuss them with the cr information

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