Care recipient (cr) is showing signs of depression like being withdrawn hopeless helpless and sad

Try: Tell the cr that the caregiver (cg) is concerned about cr because he or she seems depressed sad and withdrawn ask cr why he or she feels sad break down large or time consuming tasks so the cr doesn’t feel overwhelmed try to get the cr to do something they enjoy like a hobby or baking ask the cr if he or she needs help making plans to do something with a friend take the cr for a short walk or ask a family member of the cr if he or she would be willing to ask the cr if he or she is interested in doing some volunteer work in the community reassure the cr that as he or she begins to move and connect again he or she will feel better talk with other family members or a trusted friend to come up with other ideas and activities that might interest the cr watch the cr to make sure he or she is sleeping and eating ok

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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