Care recipient (cr) is lonely

Try: Better time management can help with loneliness ask the cr to create a list of enjoyable things to do or tasks that need to be completed for example the cr could put together a picture book or scrap book with mementos that will trigger memories of loved ones the cr could maintain a list of important tasks such as getthing the car serviced and meeting with the accountant to get the income taxes done ask the cr to update the list as the activities and tasks are completed so that he or she can see the progress that has been made ask the cr to put all of the activities and tasks on his or her calendar this will establish goals and timelines for getting tasks done this also will provide a visual cue for the cr to look at to stay on task and be on time for planned activities the cr may realize that there are many things planned for each day that will keep him or her busy and help prevent lonliness

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Information: Some cr’s cope with loneliness by relying on memories or thoughts of loved ones loneliness can increase when the cr does not have sufficient physical or mental activities to keep busy

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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