Care recipient (cr) is feeling helpless

Try: Show respect to the cr assure the cr that he or she is important and valued treat the cr as an adult rather than a child help build confidence through the things you do or say instead of belittling the cr speak in a normal tone of voice and avoid show of emotions spend quality time with the cr and do not act like you are in a rush to go and do something else for example go for a walk with the cr each day give the cr your undivided attention turn off your cell phone electronic gadgets television music and other distractions listen as the cr shares his or her concerns with you assure the cr that you will always be there to help with whatever comes up it may help to have a catch phrase to be your rallying cry and encourage the cr for example we’re all in this together get er done or the force is with you help the cr feel more confident by discussing the day’s events and highlighting the things that he or she did well along the way encourage the cr to participate in making daily decisions regarding meals activities and so on ask the cr for his or her opinion to help build confidence encourage the cr to participate in several social activities throughout the week such as playing games at a local senior center attending church services and visiting with friends and family socialization with others with similar life circumstances may provide some assurance that some challenges in life can be overcome

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Keywords: Helplessness hopeless despair depression confidence socializing

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