Care recipient (cr) is experiencing bouts of depression; perhaps the cr has an artistic flair that is no longer exercised

Try: Put on some calming music sculpting clay can be purchased in craft stores art supply stores or even in department stores real clay is an earthen material that needs to be fired in a special oven called a kiln but is generally easier to work with more versatile and longer lasting if used properly it can be cheaper than some sculpting clays that set in the oven check community resources for a sculpting studio where kiln time might be purchased or donated check the library for resources on how to work with clay lay out table cloth or mat on a table allow crs to each have an equal portion of clay share in the sculpting experience sculpting clays can be set in the oven and are often colored making for long-term decorative or gift items real clay requires more work but the end result can be a beautiful hand-painted piece of earthenware that will last many years

Materials: Cd player or digital music player calming music cds or digital songs sculpting clay of the type children use or real clay plastic table cloth or mat

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