Care recipient (cr) gets physically and emotionally upset and stressed about receiving bills in the mail and paying them the bills are getting lost or are not being paid on time

Try: Assign a family member or responsible person that the cr trusts to take over monthly bill payment assure the cr that the bills will be paid and taken care of by the designated bill payer assure the cr that he or she has sufficient money to pay the bills and continue with the same standard of living remove stress triggers from the cr’s view for example checkbook bank statements old bill invoices reminder notes to pay bills income tax returns and so on contact the cr’s bank and make arrangements for the designated bill payer to have access to the cr’s accounts set up auto pay for as many of the bills as possible if auto pay is used the bill is paid directly out of the cr’s account and there is no need to write a check the bill payer would continue to get copies of the bills on auto pay either in paper form or electronically the bills that are not on auto pay should be re-routed to the designated bill payer contact the utility companies medical care providers credit card company and other providers to make the necessary arrangements change the mailing address for the bills and so on no two providers will be the same in this regard so be patient and go through official channels the change of address forms may come in handy during this process the bill payer may want to consider using some form of accounting software for personal finances such as quick books or quicken this may make it easier to keep the cr’s checkbook up to date and reconcile the account on a monthly basis the bill payer may also want to consider using online banking this may make it easier to keep track of everything access the funds and transfer funds among different accounts the bill payer may also be the person designated to assemble the

Materials: List of regular bills that are currently being received by the cr cr’s bank information change of address order form from the u s post office this is available online at www usps com

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Information: For the cr’s income tax returns since he or she is already familiar with the cr’s finances and transactions during the year note the above arrangement is for situations where the cr has the mental capacity to handle his or her own financial affairs in situations where the cr is mentally incapacitated the caregiver may need to get a power of attorney for finances to get the legal authority to handle all of the cr’s financial affairs information

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