Care recipient (cr) gets combative when agitated

Try: Try to determine if there is a pattern to the agitation does it occur at the same time every day or just randomly if the agitation occurs every day make a note of what the cr is doing at that time of day and in what environment if the environment is noisy or there is too much stimulation for the cr move to a more restful place there may be clues when the cr is starting to get agitated some of the clues may be non-verbal such as the clenching the fist plucking at clothing constantly looking around the room or tapping the feet try to diffuse the situation before it escalates and the cr curses lashes out or gets combative how you react to the situation is vital the cr is very aware of your emotional responses offer comforting words in a calm soothing voice always try to have a distraction close at hand when this situation arises for example a photo album or high school yearbook to promote conversation

Materials: Phone schedule communication with siblings

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