Care recipient (cr) gets agitated when shown recent photos of self with family members

Try: A cr whose condition has led to disorientation about his or her age may become angry or more confused if a caregiver (cg) aggressively insists on asserting the cr cr’s actual age in a low-key way it may not be inappropriate to show a current photo of the cr or remind him or her calmly of who you are in relation to the cr but if the cr disbelieves the cg cg’s effort should turn from trying to reorient the cr to trying to understand what the cr is expressing as far as feelings when the cr speaks about children or parents who are now grown or no longer alive or when the cr speaks as if he or she is living in a different decade ask questions that might allow the cr to tell you about feelings and experiences related to those people and that time how do you feel about her what is your life like tell me about yourself what do you think about me these questions may allow the cr to talk about relationships and thoughts that have not yet been resolved in his or her life if it feels important to you to understand how the cr sees him or herself consider looking at a photo album with the cr ask the cr to point out a current picture of him or herself this should give you some idea of the age and era or timeframe the cr is living in if the cr repeatedly asks for something unavailable related to a past experience try giving the cr something similar that safely and appropriately lets him or her interact with the requested object or person for example if the cr looks through the house for a baby from long ago consider presenting the cr with a baby doll that can be diapered and bottle-fed

Materials: Photo album

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