Care recipient (cr) fusses with caregiver when it is time for activities of daily living such as bathing dressing or grooming

Try: #check with the cr’s doctor to be sure there are no undiagnosed medical issues or medication side effects that may be causing agitation or resistance #make sure all the cr’s physical needs have been met and that the cr is not in pain and does not need toileting food or water #make sure environmental factors such as temperature light and privacy are arranged for the cr’s comfort #explain the activity to the cr one step at a time so the cr isn’t overwhelmed by either multiple directions given at once or by a task that just seems too big when looked at as one piece #don’t rush the cr through daily care activities trying to hurry the cr may increase the cr’s resistance #assist the cr in a way that preserves independence let the cr do as many things as possible no matter how small for him or herself #if the cr continues to resist an activity try postponing it and see if the cr will do it more willingly a little later try this on a one-time basis or on a longer-term basis for example once in a while you may want to postpone brushing a cr’s hair if the cr is agitated but if the cr is always sensitive or fussy before breakfast you may want to postpone grooming until after breakfast on a regular basis

Materials: Consultation with family physician encouraging and patient caregiver

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