Care recipient (cr) doesn’t pursue interests and activities that he or she previously liked to do anymore

Try: Be creative and think out of the box as you look for new and fun ways to get the cr engaged in activities don’t feel constrained by what the cr has enjoyed in the past if the cr has physical or cognitive challenges provide him or her with a task or activity that can be performed this may boost the cr cr’s confidence and generate some interest in the activity it is more important for the cr to be engaged in some activity regardless of what it is rather than unengaged even if the task or activity seems mundane to you give it a try with the cr for example sorting socks may seem boring to you but may provide an interesting and fun activity for the cr look or activities that provide you with opportunities for social interaction with the cr provide the cr with old photos or keepsakes that may help revive interest in activities previously enjoyed you may find that the cr is more easily engaged with memories of the past than things of the present examples of ways to re-kindle the cr cr’s interest in activities previously enjoyed give the cr old photos to look through sort and put in a photo album or scrapbook the photos may revive the cr cr’s memories of activities previously enjoyed ask the cr for help in the garden if the cr is physically unable to do heavy manual work in the garden provide him or her with an easier task to perform and ask for advice with the garden project ask the cr to chop vegetables for a salad it is important that the cr feel needed and be engaged in whatever tasks can be performed despite physical or cognitive challenges ask the cr to go to the supermarket with you to help pick out produce especially if cr has a lot of knowledge on how to select the best fruits and vegetables encourage the cr to play a musical instrument that he or she knows how to play pulling out the cr cr’s old violin may generate some interest you may want to consider teaching the cr how to play a new musical instrument there are many easy-to-play instruments available such as electronic keyboards electronic drum sets kazoos bells rhythm instruments ukulele and so on

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References: Adapted from www care com caring for seniors with alzheimer alzheimer’s disease by staff writer no date

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