Care recipient (cr) can do all or part of his her own self care and needs to be encouraged to do as much of this as possible

Try: Adapt the home to allow cr to do more things install equipment such as grab rails in the bathroom wheelchair-accessible sinks and mirrors bath bench for the shower or tub and lights with switches that can be easily reached seek the aid of materials for care givers available on the internet authored by therapists or nurses that will teach you how to perform personal care tasks safely and effectively learn about cr cr’s disability and what you and others can do to help him her function as independently as possible if cr cannot perform a certain activity see if there is a part that can be done for example cr might be able to independently dress the upper body if sitting but require help dressing the lower body whenever possible include cr in making plans for his her care take suggestions and feelings into consideration and encourage involvement in his her own care sometimes slowing the pace of an activity may allow cr to do more for by him herself be aware of changes in cr cr’s health and abilities your plans for care will change as cr changes

Materials: Grab rails for bathroom wheelchair-accessible sinks and mirrors bath bench for shower or tub lights with switches internet access

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References: caregiver’s handbook by the caregiver education and support services seniors counseling and training case management services of the san diego county mental health services no date available at www acsu buffalo edu

Keywords: Independence accessibility reaching wheelchair home adaptions showering bathing self care encouraging independence

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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