Care recipient (cr) becomes anxious and has panic attacks in specific situations and environments

Try: Ask the cr to write down in the journal what the thoughts are when anxiety and panic attacks occur ask the cr to write down in the journal a more appropriate and realistic thought to replace each of the anxious thoughts for example anxious thought – when i am in public everyone stares at me appropriate thought – when i am in public some people will glance at me work with the cr to change his or her way of thinking over time try to replace the anxious thoughts with appropriate thoughts the situation and environment in which the anxious thoughts occur should also be documented in the journal this will help in identifying the specific situations and environments that trigger the cr’s anxiety and panic attacks in some cases these specific situations and environments may be so stressful the cr ultimately chooses to avoid them altogether if stressful situations cannot be avoided however then work with the cr to develop coping mechanisms to ward off the anxiety and panic you might explore the following deep breathing exercises physical exercise visualization of a more relaxing situation and environment listening to relaxation recordings another approach often called the desensitization approach involves gradually exposing the cr to the specific situation or environment that causes panic over time the level of anxiety and panic may be reduced for example if going to a crowded department store causes fear and anxiety for the cr do the following first day – the cr gets dressed and ready to go but does not leave the house second day – the cr goes out the front door third day – the cr gets in the car fourth day – the cr drives to the store but doesn’t go in fifth day – the cr goes into the store at a time when it is not busy and not very many people are there sixth day – the cr goes into the store during a time when it is fairly busy your approach can be modified based on the cr’s specific circumstances and reaction to the gradual exposure to the specific situations and environments

Materials: Relaxation recordings voice recorder with earphones journal and pen

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