A group of care recipients crs at an assisted living facility are capable of carrying on conversations with family and staff but tend not to interact with each other in free time or at meal times the following is a suggestion for stimulating conversation among a group of crs

Try: # for a group of men try reading the sports section out loud talk about specific points such as asking about the quarterback this will often be enough to get a conversation started # for a mixed group read significant events in the newspaper such as an article about the president this often gets conversation going very quickly # the procedure should appear natural # try to follow this procedure often over time to get regular dinnertime or leisure time conversation brewing

Materials: Newspaper staff member who can read it out loud

Categories: Emotional Psychological, Leisure, Socialization, Good Verbal Comm, So-So Verbal Comm

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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