The Care recipient (cr) needs more frequent assistance than the caregiver (cg) can provide due to time and distance

Try: Schedule times with the cr about when you will call and remind him or her on upcoming appointments consider providing the cr with a a cell phone develop a daily schedule check off list and mail it to the cr develop a schedule for the cr to mail the completed check off list to you give the cr stamped self addressed envelopes for mailing completed lists gather contact

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Categories: Communication, Medical Physical

Information: About the cr’s physician filling prescriptions transportation needs shopping needs etc tell the cr that the cg will make arrangements for appointments transportation etc tell the cr that the cg is going to arrange prescription delivery to the cr tell the cr that the cg is going to contact the grocery store and pre-arrange groceries to be bagged boxed and ready for the cr to pick up at service counter ask the cr if he or she would like the cg to arrange for the cg to pay the cr’s bills and manage other financial matters ask the cr if there is a friend or family member that he or she can get help from in making sure bills and other financial matters are handled information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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