Spam email is common to experienced internet users but may be unfamiliar to beginners it is important to explain some of the hazards with email to the care recipient

Try: Explain spam filters with cr and help them change their settings if needed discuss email accounts with the cr explain the hazards of spam email and the need for caution for example inform the cr that it is common for computer hackers to send viruses or to break into computers through email accounts caution the cr about opening emails from strangers even with emails from family and friends be careful with forwarded emails as the email could have been forwarded by multiple individuals also encourage the cr to never email attachments if they do not know who sent them it may be better to email the sender and confirm that the attachment is ok for downloading

Materials: Computer internet connection

Categories: Communication, Social

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Keywords: Communication internet fraud

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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