Care recipient (cr) has difficulty listening understanding and processing communication

Try: The cr could be having problem with receptive language receptive language is the comprehension of language – listening and understanding what is communicated another way to view it is the receiving aspect of language it involves being attentive to what is said the ability to comprehend the message the speed of processing the message and concentrating on the message receptive language includes being able to follow a series of commands most communication is a two way process that involves both sending and receiving the message there are several things the caregiver (cg) can do to improve communication with the cr and minimize the difficulties the communication difficulties could be caused by the cr getting overwhelmed with the length of the sentences or instructions the cg should try to shorten the sentences and simplify the instructions this may allow the cr to process the

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Information: And respond better the cg should be patient and wait while the cr is trying to understand the message if the cr feels hurried this will lead to frustration and hinder comprehension if the cr is struggling the message could be calmly and gently rephrased and repeated rephrasing instead of repeating the message word-for-word suggests that the cg possibly didn’t make the message clear enough and does not imply that the cr can’t understand try to make a little time each week to practice receptive language skills with the cr this can be done by simply using a few word exercises to promote communication skills lists can be created with all types of themes and can be turned into fun activities that also promote good communication use a simple list of opposites to create flash cards that can be used in a game for example what is the opposite of up a list could also be made up of yes and no questions for example does a glass break another idea is to ask the cr to match specific food items with broad categories of food for example milk goes with dairy apples go with fruit and squash goes with vegetables information

References: Adapted from the websites www speechtherapyonvideo com and www answers com

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