Some care recipients cr have difficulty acknowledging the need for in home help discussing care needs can be difficult for the cr and his family however it is important to discuss the cr’s needs before health and safety become a more serious issue

Try: Try to find the real reasons behind resistance to help a seemingly resistant cr could be frightened that he is no longer able to do tasks that were formerly simple it might be more comfortable to deny it and avoid problems express concerns as your own instead of accusing the cr might be more open to honest expressions of concern frame the conversation in terms of benefits to the cr respect the cr’s autonomy and involve him in decisions unless the cr is incapacitated the final decision about care is up to him however others can help by offering suggestions and ideas enlist others for help talking to others who have had positive experiences with in home help can sometimes persuade the cr sometimes hearing feedback from a disinterested third party can give the cr a better perspective

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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