caregiver (cg) needs suggestions for providing a positive reminiscing activity and experience for the Care recipient (cr)

Try: Short term emotional flashbacks can be either positive or negative depending upon the memory that is evoked through the emotions keep a notebook and jot down whenever a particular activity song visitor outing meal article of clothing photo and so on brings a smile and a sense of calm to the cr expand upon these by designing a nostalgic trip each day for the cr to be involved in a feeling of comfort and home that the cr can visit through remembrance may lessen the confusion and frustration of dealing with the limitations of the present encourage the sharing of memories and make notes of these to be read and enjoyed over and over again this will help preserve the memories that may fade with time allow the cr to talk about these special events or memories this may relieve boredom and depression allow the cr to share positive life experiences this may provide you with a clearer picture of the cr’s life passions and core values this in turn may deepen your connection and the interaction with the cr

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Categories: Communication, Emotional Psychological, Social

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References: Empirical validation of model of reminiscence and health in later life by p capelliez and n o’rourke

Keywords: Positive memory nostalgia conversation interaction

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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