Late stage caregivers will run into care recipients cr in great emotional distress every cr’s emotional needs in the final stages of life will differ however some emotions are common to many crs during end-of-life care the following are tips for offering emotion comfort to the cr

Try: Allow the cr to express fears of death it can be difficult to hear a cr talk about leaving family and friends behind but communicating their fears can help them come to terms with what’s happening although it will be difficult try to listen keep the cr company talk with the cr read to her watch movies together or simply sit and hold their hand refrain from burdening the cr with your feelings it is ok to speak about your feelings with the cr but you should not trouble the cr you can always talk to someone else about your feelings allow the cr to reflect talking about their life and the past is another way some crs gain perspective this also allows the cr to accept the process of dying avoid withholding difficult

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Information: If they’re still able to comprehend most crs prefer to be included and informed honor the cr’s wishes reassure the cr that you will honor their wishes such as advance directives and living wills respect the cr’s privacy honor privacy as much as possible this is a way to keep dignity as long as possible information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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