Late stage care is a difficult process for the Care recipient (cr) and the caregiver after the cr has passed take time to reflect on the cr’s life and remember the quality time you shared the following are tips for moving on after the cr’s death

Try: If available join a caregivers’ bereavement support group being with others who know your situation can help you understand your feelings enroll in an adult education class or volunteer if you have new free time acquiring new skills and staying physically active can promote healing create lasting tributes to the cr consider memorial sites scholarships or gifts to charity if you want to honor her life if you caregive often take time away if you need it rest and reflect share the cr’s unique story with family members and other caregivers keep a journal writing down thoughts and feelings can provide a release for your emotions talk to a therapist or grief counselor they can be a good resource if you are having difficulty after the cr’s passing

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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