Female Care recipient (cr) is depressed lethargic and not talking much she has lost interest in activities previously enjoyed such as cooking

Try: Learn as much as you can about cr cr’s past interests leisure time activities professional life family spiritual life and so on it may be helpful to talk to the cr cr’s family and friends who know her well try to engage cr in reminiscing and talking about her life interests and so on for example sit next to cr and go through old cook books and recipe box talk about what snacks cr made for her children when they got home from school what were some of the children children’s favorite dishes what kind of pie did cr make for her children did cr have a garden and can fresh vegetables and fruits what kind of food was made from what was brought in from the garden did cr make home-made ice cream in the summer other topics that may help cr with depression a cr in her 80 80’s may have raised her children in the 1940 1940’s 1950 1950’s or early 1960 1960’s she may have been a young girl during world war ii and remembered rationing cr may have had her mother leave the home to work a man man’s job while the men were at war during the war it may have been cr cr’s job to take over the cooking and other chores at home while her mother was at work cr may have worn clothes that her mother made from feed sacks note any of the above topics may bring back memories that will encourage cr to talk and reminisce some of the talk may bring back happy thoughts and improve the cr cr’s mood and disposition

Materials: Cook books from the 1940 1940’s and 1950 1950’s if possible get cook books from cr cr’s home or personal recipe box in the kitchen

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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