A frequent problem expressed among caregivers is that care recipients cr aren’t truthful with their doctors crs may complain of problems to others but once they get to a doctor they do not bring up important facts the following are tips for getting the cr and the doctor to communicate better

Try: Talk with the cr ahead of time explaining how doctors these days respect and appreciate an educated patient doctors want to know symptoms and they value the patient patient’s opinion older crs grew up in an age where the doctor was next to god generally the patient and doctor didn’t interact much then remind the cr that interaction is needed for the doctor to do his job remind the cr that you are on their side you want their safety and health to be the first consideration try to talk to the doctor ahead of time alert him or her to the cr’s reservations discuss the symptoms and problem behaviors you observe at home few doctors will talk directly with you without an appointment so make an appointment or talk to a nurse another option for communicating with the doctor is to write a letter ahead of the appointment noting your concerns this way the doctor is prepared with the facts as you see them he or she can bring up issues in a tactful way or suggest a specialist without fingering you as the bad guy attach to your general letter a diary that you’ve kept over a week or two indicating times and dates of the cr’s behaviors or health issues that concern you again you will get

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Information: To the doctor without embarrassing the cr in front of the doctor during the visit make sure the doctor interacts with the cr medical people are busy and some will look over the notes and then speak directly to you the caregiver since it it’s faster and often more direct yet you are there to give support to the cr and give information to the doctor you are also there to take notes and be part of the care plan information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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