caregiver (cg) needs some suggestions on how to provide outside socialization for the Care recipient (cr)

Try: If the socialization is an upcoming family gathering or holiday it would be best to have the visit in the daytime hours rather than evening the cr may be tired in the evening and not thoroughly enjoy socializing or may find it more confusing in the evening keep the celebration simple – don’t overdo either the activities or decorations make family members aware beforehand of any significant changes in the cr if the cr is having trouble communicating and the family member knows in advance they will allow the cr time to organize his her thoughts when trying to have a conversation if the family member is willing and the cr is able a drive in the country would be a wonderful way to visit if family members cannot visit in person a weekly phone call will give the cr something to look forward to and also give the cr something to relate to the cg after the phone call is finished a visit might also include a small gift such as a fruit basket an audio book a cd or just a brightly decorated box of tissues

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