Care recipient’s cr friends and or family members sometimes get too nosey about cr’s business

Try: Try to quickly change the subject as soon as cr is asked a nosey question suggest that cr deftly dodge the bullet and in an abrupt shift of conversation-mode glance in another direction and excitedly say something else like oh what a nice outfit this color is one of my favorites or would you like something to drink or let me check what the grandbaby is doing proceed to talk about the new subject suggest that cr try to break off eye contact suggest that cr proceed to get up if he she is sitting and walk to another place cr might also try rummage through her handbag as if she remembered something cr could also pick up the newspaper or magazine and leaf through it or take out his her cell phone and go through his her text messages suggest that cr try to answer a question with a vague answer cr could learn to answer so what is your husband husband’s salary with the same as others in his position or oh he he’s doing just fine why don’t you ask him suggest cr take a deep breath and keep silent remind cr that no one can force him her to say something he she doesn’t want to let them keep asking again and again if they don’t get an answer they will hopefully take the hint and stop remind cr to demarcate boundaries when such people call on cr suggest that cr keep the rest of the house dark and limit their movement to the living room avoid giving them chances to move around near the bedrooms bathrooms closets or the kitchen — because if they do they’ll just get more fodder for their curiosity cr can keep new items he she has recently bought out of sight for the same reason suggest cr minimize social interaction cr could opt to only sparingly include such people on his her guest list so that cr sees them only as much as cr can handle the intention is to keep the relationship intact; since they are unable to change themselves they risk ruining their relationship with cr permanently if they meet cr too often it is best to keep house calls phone calls and social meetings with such people to a minimum that could be weekly monthly or the chance meeting; it depends on cr suggest that cr avoid showing too much interest when they gossip about others with cr if cr laps up the latest news they dish out about others cr ise not helping his her case – cr is worsening it when they start talking about others advise cr not to take interest apply the above tips to the conversation then as well suggest cr be upfront when all else fails just go ahead and tell them directly but tactfully that their curiosity turns cr off and cr would rather they did not ask cr such personal questions in time maybe they’ll appreciate the favor cr did them advise cr not to be rude because if he she is they will just gossip about cr’s outburst to others

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References: how to deal with nosy people by sadaf farooqi no date available at www howtodothings com

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