Care recipient (cr) worries excessively about many things

Try: Assess cr cr’s spirituality and then look for resources that may be helpful with excessive worry and anxiety for example there may be bible verses or inspirational books that may help with anxiety and worry a pastor or priest may be willing to serve as a spiritual mentor or counselor assess cr cr’s occupation and professional life to determine if it is meaningful provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment if it does not discuss possible changes with cr and offer support assess the amount of time cr spends taking in negative news stories from the mass media television radio newspaper and the internet if the negative thoughts and images are contributing significantly to cr cr’s excessive worry encourage cr to take a break from the media or limit the amount of time engaged with it also help cr realize that much of what the mass media reports is negative rather than positive because this is what drives subscriptions and sales help cr process and filter what the media reports in a positive light and keep things in the proper perspective try to redirect cr cr’s negative energy towards positive leisure time activities such as socialization music hobbies volunteer work and so on encourage cr to focus on helping others focusing on the needs of others may help cr realize that a purpose driven life is possible despite all of the negativity and problems in the world it may help cr to focus outward in a positive way rather than inward in a negative way give cr a simple task to accomplish such as helping in the kitchen folding napkins wrapping silverware household chores folding pillow cases and so on encourage cr to write down worries in a journal and keep in a box reducing the worries to a written list may keep cr from obsessing so much about them it also would help to have a limited amount of time scheduled each day for cr to get the worry list out of the box and review it

Materials: Notebook or journal jar or box

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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