Care recipient (cr) needs to find a way to get assistance from the caregiver (cg) when needed the cg has a need for privacy when the cr does not need assistance the cg would also like the freedom to be in different parts of the cr’s home or outside while still being accessible to the cr

Try: The walkie talkies are fairly inexpressive and can be purchased in most department and electronics stores read the instructions install new batteries and become familiar with how the walkie talkies are used give cr one of the walkie talkies and show him or her how to use it you and both need to make sure the walkie talkie is on has fresh batteries and is set for the same channel you and cr both need to have the walkie talkie with you at all times that you want to stay in touch many of the walkie talkies have a range of up to two or three miles this allows you to be outdoors and further away from cr cr’s living quarters only one of you will be able to talk at a time this may take some getting used to you may want to consider saying something like go ahead or over when you are done speaking so the other person knows it is ok to talk you also could say something like signing off now or out when you want to end the conversation

Materials: Battery operated walkie talkie set of two

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