Care recipient (cr) just moved to a senior housing community and already wants to go home

Try: When cr starts complaining about living in new surrounding and says that he or she doesn’t like it explain the benefits of living in the current community where there is no cooking cleaning or daily tasks there will be more time to enjoy life and remain independent in the new community explain to cr that while the former residence was a good place to live it had some drawbacks for example it may not be safe for cr to continue living there or expensive maintenance and repairs may have been needed help cr get involved in activities that he or she enjoys at the senior housing community for example encourage cr to go to the knitting group or sing in the chorus this may help cr make new friends and adapt to the new environment over time help cr put up decorations and place other items from the former residence in the new home having familiar objects around may help cr feel more comfortable in the new surroundings gather up photos of cr cr’s previous residences and put them in a photo album remind cr that over time he or she has eventually developed comfort and familiarity with the former residences encourage cr to focus on making new friends while staying in touch with old friends for example playing a table game or watching a favorite movie with friends can be very enjoyable and help cr develop a sense of belonging in the new environment organize a special party for cr within a few weeks of admittance to the senior housing community being around family and friends in the new setting can provide cr with reassurance that everyone knows where he or she lives

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